Fingerprint cylinder lock (adjustable)

Innovative fingerprint cylinder lock safety, refuse all cloning, makes your life far away from troubles!
Independent R&D bank level smart security device with international leading fingerprint technique.

Product advantages

  • Japanese motor support 5.000.000 times of rotating reliable test to make sure high stable and safe quality
  • Only 3 mins to DIY install without breaking the door or change the door body and no professional installer needed
  • No violent break-in can open the door, because the unlocking controlling board is in the handle behind the door
  • Rechargeable battery fully charged in 1 h, last 2 years, support using 10,000 times. And the red light will flash when power is less than 10% and the buzzer will ring 5%
  • Length adjustable cylinder patented invention, 99% of the world’s doors to compliance
  • It works extreme temperature range: -40℃ to 80℃
  • Landlords do not need to change the door lock for safety reason any more. Once the renter is gone, his or her fingerprint will be deleted

Technical Data

Sensor Semiconductor capacitive living fingerprint identification with 360° degrees
Resolution factor 560 dpi
Recognation time ~0,8s
Fingerprint update Fully automatic update
Fingerprint capacity 3+996 fingerprint (master+normal user)
Static power consumption 10µA
Dynamic power consumption 60µA (OLED)
Adjustable range outside part: min 40 mm, max 60 mm
inside part: min 30 mm, max 60 mm
Service life of batteries 8000x times after fully charge
Power supply 3x AAA battery
Low power alarm yes
Working temperature for fingerprint -40°C ~ 80°C
Area of scanner 11.4 * 12.2 * 0.7 mm
Package size 160 * 230 * 60 mm
Package weight 500g
False rejection rate (FRR) 0,01%
False acceptance rate (FAR) 0,003%

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