RFID/proxy card lock

Smart card (RFID) cylinder lock makes you be easy to own password to open&close the door.

  • Magnetic card sensor cylinder: 50 million times high-level reliability testing, makes home more secure and convenient
  • Extremely exquisite technology: With industrial most careful workmanship, delicates&simple handle. Apply to all decoration style for the family in design.
  • Telescoping cylinder design: Bilateral independently to stretch. Solving the problem of different door’s thickness.
  • Humanized handle
  • Easy install: Only 3 minutes, no need to change the lock body and break the door whatever security door or glass door.


Technical Data

Normal working voltage 3.5V~6V
Low voltage alarm voltage 3.5V ~ 3.7V (when electronic quantities range in 3.5V~3.7V, the buzzer will prompt low battery when opening the door)
Working current 120mA
Dormancy current 30µA
Electronic unlocking key 13.56Mhz HF card
Card capacity can be added 100 cards info for users unlocking the door
(3 for main card, 97 for additional card)
Motor Mabuchi K10
Adjustable range outside part: min 40 mm, max 60 mm
inside part: min 30 mm, max 60 mm
Power supply 3x AAA battery
Battery age ~3000 times; 1 year: 10 times unlock/day;
Working temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Package size 160 * 230 * 60 mm
Package weight 500g
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS


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